Refereed Journal Articles

[5] 2017 Financial Leverage and Agency Costs in Agricultural Cooperatives Agricultural Finance Review (with Brian C. Briggeman and Allen M. Featherstone)

[4] 2016 Crop Insurance Will Be at the Center of the 2019 Farm Bill Debate Choices (with Art Barnaby)

[3] 2015 Austrian Business Cycle Theory: Evidence from Kansas Agriculture Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics (with Michael R. Langemeier)

[2] 2014 Effects of Taxation on Cooperative Equity Allocation Journal of Cooperatives (with Brian C. Briggeman)

[1] 2013 The Impact of Liquidity and Solvency on Cost Efficiency Agricultural Finance Review (with Brian C. Briggeman and Michael R. Langemeier)

Working Papers

[1] Ideology, Electoral Competition, PAC Spending, and the 2014 Farm Bill Mercatus Center Working Papers

Articles in Progress

[5] The Supply of and Demand for Environmental Regulation (with Dallas W. Wood)

[4] A Median Voter Analysis of Right-to-Farm Amendments (with Jim Henderson and Joshua Hall)

[3] The Dodd-Frank Act and Small Community Lenders (with Brady Brewer)

[2] The Ethanol Mandate and Downside Risk in Farms (with Dallas W. Wood, Michael R. Langemeier, and Greg A. Ibendahl

[1] EPA Regulation and Food Cost